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Hello I’m a designer and I build and run digital teams. I am the Head of Commercial Design & Web at Brandwatch.

I’ve been privileged to have worked alongside some of the brightest and most interesting minds in our industry. I worked at award-winning agency Clearleft and have helped companies such as: BBC, Wellcome Collection, Penguin Random House, Kew Gardens, Morethan and Tui Travel.

My passion is to design and build things. A website, a service, a journey, an application, a garden, wood furniture… you name it, if I can explore and refine the design, then bring it to life, then I’m happy.

I’ll be designing in one form or another until the marbles start rattling.

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Design challenges – a collection of briefs to test the processes of a designer

I LOVE this and when I have some time might try and tackle one of these. I have personal views on the merit of testing during the interview process but as a challenge. I LOVE IT!

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Pressing Reset with a team contract.

How’s things? Yep, everything’s fine. There’s a social dance that we often do when someone asks “how’s things?” This is especially true in the workplace. We don’t offer up all the small niggles of our work life. Who would possibly want to listen to that? And if they did, they certainly wouldn’t ask you “how’s things?” again […]

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